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Organizations from many diverse industries have increased their presence, productivity and profits utilizing the capabilities of digital advertising. The applications are unlimited, but the concept is the same for all industries:


Placed effectively, sized optimally and kept current with pertinent graphic content your SCLED Display will create an advertising formula hard to beat in every industry. Standing out more than competitors; informing potential customers of the newest deals; showing off beautiful graphics; inticing potential customers with images delivered roadside; directing people easily; communicating that catchy slogan... these are all ways to amp up your business strategy for success. Accomplish this easily, no matter what industry, with a Suncoast LED Advertising Display.

As stated by one of our many satisified customers:

"We can communicate on so many levels to our existing and potential customers by keeping them informed about our services. The LED sign is very user friendly and only takes minutes to post an easy to read message. We feel it is the best advertising dollars we ever spent!"

Join the success by contacting us today to see how affordable and simple owning a Suncoast LED Advertising Display can be.

Amusement Displays

  Amusement Industry

Grabbing attention is what it is all about at an amuzement park. A quality LED Display can be a feature element! Many regular businesses have to limit their LED display's useage to comply with local codes and are usually restricted from using the video and audio features a Suncoast LED Display is capable of. An amusement park attraction can utilize video clips and fun graphics with audio as well with no limits on timing and flashy content. Traveling rides can depend on Suncoast's quality for durable displays that can be moved along with the ride from venue to venue.

Custom applications are SCLED's specialty. The amuzement industry will find Suncoast a willing partner in creating a unique display which will garner attention and bring in profits.

Auto DealershipAutomotive Dealerships

  Automotive Industry

Automotive dealerships and service salons benefit exponentially from utilizing an LED Advertising Display. Visual appeal is as important for sales in the auto industry as price is. Put an awesome photo up on the display for drivers to admire everytime they pass by. While showing beautiful photos of the vehicles available and the latest designs, interspurse message of financing options and price based specials. Then display dates for promotions for special deals and prize incentives for stopping in for a test drive. When you provide community service messages that potential customers can rely on seeing they will be consistantly viewing your messages.

An service salon or automotive parts and service company usually offers many services. To list all services on signage requires a lot of space, unless you use an SCLED Advertising Display. Add flash and color and that list can be displayed clearly in reasonable space. Your services list will be seen more readily than with other forms of advertising.

When it comes time for that automotive purchase or service, your business will be a logical choice.

BankReal Estate Coompany

  Banks and Professional Offices

LED Displays for financial and professional offices provide these institutions with a flexible approach to reach the maximum number of people in a highly cost-effective way.

  • Banks can deliver up-to-the-minute financial information with live ticker feeds, or inform customers about loan rates, investment programs, and other current products and services.
  • The doctor and dental offices that have chosen an SCLED Display often show photos of the doctors in the practice to intorduce them to the community visually.
  • Lawyers offices can state the type of law their practice provides with photos of the firm's attorneys
  • Architects offices enjoy the ability to display photos of recent designs and projects.
  • Real Estate offices can easily advertise current properties that are available.
  • Professional offices can promote their services and communicate the paticulars of what they provide.

When time and temperature information is included as part of the information displayed, the LED Display becomes an eye-catching point of reference for potential customers passing by every day, helping your bank or professional office become a city landmark.

Full Color Church DisplayChurch SC Display

  Churches, Non Profit Organizations & Schools

Many of the church, not-for-profit or school clients choosing to invest in Suncoast LED Electronic Message Centers have discovered its value as a convenient and easy to use communication tool. Messages can be easily & creatively designed to increase attendence, promote events, encourage involvement and keep the community informed of what you have going on. Churchs and schools are dependent mostly on local support, so messages are most effective to be viewed by local traffic.

Often times choosing a single color display has been the appropriate choice for budget reasons. They can display shaded graphics as well as messages. Add movement through transitions between messages to get attention. Full color displays are not that much more expensive today than single color displays, so with just a little more of an investment advertising in trillions of colors is possible. Beautiful eye catching graphics will be seen.


  • Important Upcoming Events
  • Times and Dates
  • Recognize Significant Items
  • Request Community Support
  • Provide Community Awareness
  • Encourage Other Local Events
Convenience Displays

  Convenience Industry

When convenience is important, no signage is more convenient for both the store owner and the potential customer than an SCLED Advertising Display. Send a message perfectly timed for the people driving by and you remind them that you have what they need; you have it quickly available and you have it on sale! You can also advertise specials based on your current stock in effort to eliminate product waste, which also increases profits. Once a customer has stopped in the first time, they will often include your store as a favorite go to for that item and oh... while they are in your store - here are all the other items they need and want. This is a very valuable business strategy with proven success.

The SCLED Advertising Display is conveniently simple to operate, send brilliant messages to and very easy to change. It is a win win proposition for both the LED Display owner and their customers.

Theater DisplayCultural Center Display

  Entertainment & Theater Industry

The entertainment industry can use SCLED Displays in many ways for interior and exterior applications. From use as stage backdrops, to show previews of upcoming shows or events, to advertise concessions and even use as information displays... SCLED Displays are tech saavy, convenient and impressive.

Whether you operate an auditorium, multi-plex, two-screen theater or stage theater Suncoast LED Displays can help you increase profit in many ways. Use our SunBlazer outdoor marquee to list titles, lead performers names, start times, ratings, specials, and more. For a more dazzling display use a full color VideoBlazer to show preview clips of the movies that are running or offer advertising space. As a stage prop LED Displays are brilliant and exciting. You could offer use of the LED Display as an added feature to those venues renting the theater for their performance stint in the area. Often times they have visuals that can be fit to the display or amazing animations can be created easily adding huge potential and exciting visuals as background for a performance. A Suncoast LED Display can be changed easily and quickly, keeping your information fresh, time saving, and exciting adding to the experience your audiences will remember.

Manufacturing Displays

  Manufacturing Industry

Communication using LED Electronic Messaging Centers provide advantages for the manufacturing industry. Communicating with employees and visitors at a factory or plant often needs to happen on a large scale and is easily accomplished using LED Displays. Strategically placed units allow messages to be sent instantly from a single programing location. Productions schedules, safety warnings, employee incentive information and visitor information are examples.

Increase safety, productivity and communication and you increase profits!

Restaurant Displays QSR Displays

  Quick Service Restaurants, Grocery Stores & Restaurants

Is anyone hungry? LED Advertising Message Centers have the unique ability to display many appetizing images and current specials to neighborhood patrons of yummy food. Hungry customers are local and tourists drive by aquainting themselves with the local area. Often times they are out driving looking specifically for something to eat that grabs their attention: something new, yummy, kid-friendly, inexpensive or just exactly what their tastebuds desire. These are patrons who can become repeat customers because they need to eat everyday. Get them in the door then provide your cooking magic to seal their loyalty.

Suncoast LED Advertising Displays are the perfect advertising solution for this industry. Easily changeable and programmable according to a thought out schedule to be viewed when drivers are on their way home from work, on their way to work, out on a date or heading out for the evening... a well planned display will get them to stop in. Another way these message center can be utilized as a profit center can be cutting down on waste. If the store or restaurant has an abundance of product, advertise that product as a special. Once customers stop and walk in your door they are likely to return time and time again. Your SCLED Advertising Display has earned you profits, profits, profits.

Retail DisplaysJewelry Retail Display

  Retail Industry

LED signs for the Retail Industry give you the ability to advertise instantly while turning your business into a landmark. We have custom and standard sizes to fit your needs. Compared to other digital display technology, LED displays offer energy efficiency and require less maintenance. Unlike static signage, you can easily change digital signage messages without hiring someone to update messages manually.

  • Capture customers' attention instantly / Target specific audiences in your area
  • Allows you to create your own advertising / Lets you schedule messages throughout the day
  • Promote community awareness / Improve curb appeal

Many of our customers have been retail stores. Jewelry stores, pawn shops, drug stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, furniture stores or any retail organization need to not only let you know they are there, but they need to get customers in the door. Once in the door instore displays and sales clerks can do their job.

Sports Arena DisplaySports Arena 360 Ribbon Display

  Sports Industry

Stadium video displays have become the main revenue generator for teams and the featured communication vehicle for arena and stadium guests. In this unprecedented era with unlimited entertainment choices for fans, sports venues are looking for the best investment to enhance the fan experience. Suncoast LED video displays bring together live video, statistical information, sponsorship opportunities, team news and updates, and unmatched fan interaction.

  • Exterior
  • Electronic Billboards
  • High Definition LED Video Screens
  • Perimeter Ribbons
  • Perimeter Dasherboards
  • Electronic Menu Boards in Concession Areas
  • Facility Directory Displays
  • Ticket Booth Displays
  • Custom Spectaculars
Storage Facility LED Display

  Storage and Auction Industry

LED Display advertising can bring in profits for the Storage Facility Industry. In addition to the standard advertising about vacancies and pricing, storage facilities can profit exponentially from LED Display advertising auctions for abandoned units. The more people that show up at an auction, the higher the bidding goes. Storage facilities and auction houses using an LED Display to inform the local public about dates to encourage greater attendance will increase the success of their auction.

Vehicle DisplayTransportation Landing Displays

  Transportation Industry

We have been manufacturing LED displays for various transit applications since 1984. We manufacture custom designed vehicle displays for commuter rail, bus, light rail and automated people movers.

 All of Tri-County Rail System's stations in south Florida now have bilingual transportation information displays that "speak" English/Spanish and use an integrated graphics/sound program which meets ADA requirements. The 14 station system was built and installed by Suncoast LED Displays of Clearwater, Fl. Thirty-six long-lived LED displays are digitally linked to a Message Control Center and are driven by an easy-to-use "windows" menu program.

Other transportation systems have also been produced and installed by Suncoast, with different operating parameters such as utilizing pre-determined schedules built-in to a self-operating mode and proximity sensing devices.

In addition to our vehicle displays, we build single color multi-color and full color displays for station platforms, transit centers and bus depots. Our displays have also been used for advertising and general passenger information.

Displays for Airports. Whatever the need, Suncoast LED displays can custom fit displays to suit your specifications and budget. We're already in an airport near you:

Newark Int'l / Baltimore/Washington /Salt Lake City / Mobile, Al / Syracuse / Cincinnati /Minneapolis / Miami / San Diego / Daytona


  Custom Design

Do you have a unique application in mind? Other companies say "it can't be done"; we've heard this many times. Our team of engineers has the experience, training and the creativity to develop our customers' ideas into a workable plan that can produce almost anything. It starts with a spark of imagination from you and culminates in a finished work of art with a comprehensive set of drawings and maintenance manual.

Our team has the experience to handle industry specific applications and custom applications that involve new ideas. Each display that we build is produced within our standard high-quality long-lasting parameters. Give us a call and let us help you plan your custom display.


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