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LED displays are an amazing, cost-effective advertising tool with proven results for turning eye-catching graphics and advertising into profits. This brilliant technology is impacting the advertising capabilities of industries and communication all over the world. Join in at the forefront for your own amazing results!

Every SCLED Display is custom built to your specifications.
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As an innovative, full service manufacturer of electronic messaging systems, Suncoast LED (SCLED) Displays has provided outdoor and indoor LED signs to businesses and organizations all over the world. Many of our customers report that their LED displays are still operating trouble free well after the 100,000 lit hours (10+ years) estimated life span of the light emitting diodes and other components comprising each display. This is a testiment to the quality of materials, labor and engineering that goes into each and every one of our displays. Our history proves that the conservative and direct approach to manufacturing and business will produce the most solid results for both our clients and Suncoast as a team.

We stand behind every display we produce.

SCLED is located in Clearwater, on Florida's beautiful suncoast. Our team has provided over 35,000 displays for all types of industries and we pride ourselves on the ability to meet a multitude of design applications custom built to your specific requirements. Our "If you can dream it, we can build it" philosophy has in turn allowed our customers to provide uniquely outstanding LED communication to captivate, engage, connect, entertain and/or inform their target audience... get noticed!

We believe signs change lives because people respond to and depend upon them. Every display we build helps shape a brighter future for our sign companies and their customers. At SCLED we strive to provide the strategic solution to the advertising needs of every SCLED display owner.

With brilliant advertising and communication messages on an electronic sign, you grab the attention of a broader range of consumers and keep them coming back for more!

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Turn Drive-by Traffic into Walk-In Customers with SUPER SCLED
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