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Video Frames - Examples

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Still Frames - Examples

Merry Christmas Still Graphic Service Station Graphic AdPabst $1.00 GraphicChurch Content ExampleHappy 4th GraphicShowboat Single Color GraphicMom's Day Still Graphic


An LED Message Center is only as effective as the graphic content it displays. Understanding the graphic capacity of an LED display is paramount to producing amazing eye-catching graphics that send the outstanding messages desired. When you purchase a Suncoast LED Display, you receive full graphic support. We offer state-of-the-art graphics, easy-to-use proprietary software programs - ComPlayTM or WinPlayTM, vast animations, endless fonts, photos and real-time video capabilities.

It is equally imperative to understand the target audience. Who will see the graphic content; what do they need; when are they viewing your messages; where are they headed; and why would they need your products or services? Once you understand your audience, you can target their needs and desires and turn them into customers.

Simply owning a SCLED Advertising Display will make your signage stand out. Displaying the most dynamic and outstanding content geared toward the target audience will increase the return on your investment. Soon your investment will be paid off by the increase in revenue.

So, first of all... What is Content?

Content is the graphic information that is displayed on your LED electronic messaging center. It can be wording, photos, videos or a combination of these. This visual content is often referred to as: graphics, messages, frames, animations and/or playfiles.

Content is comprised of video frames and/or still frames. Combining frames together, using our proprietary software ComPlayTM or WinPlayTM, results in a playfile. The collection of video clips, stills and playfiles all together are what the industry refers to as content.

What is a Playfile?

A Playfile is a collection of several frames of video clips and/or stills with timing and transition effects between frames saved together in one file. It is similar to a slide show in that several frames make up the playfile. Transitioning effects and timing commands are added between frames using ComPlayTM or WinPlayTM. Each playfile is saved and can be sent to the display to fit your advertising schedule.

How do I acquire content for my LED Display?

Suncoast provides several ways for you to acquire content.

  1. Purchase Ready to Go Video Clip Frames and/or Still Clip Frames through our extensive library
  2. Order custom made content prepared directly for you
  3. Take advantage of our cost saving Monthly Graphic Service
  4. Prepare your own video clips and or stills - we offer "how to" information
    • Still frames (.bmp or .jpg formats) can be created in photo editing software, like Photoshop or Gimp, then placed into the programming software.
    • Video animations (.avi format) can be created in video creation software like After Effects or Movie Maker, then imported into the programming software.
  5. Create a frame directly inside of ComPlay or WinPlay while creating the overall playfile.

How do I send this content to the display?

Each frame is placed into the ComPlay or WinPlay Playfile in the preferred order. Timing and transition effects are easily added into the playfile within the ComPlay or WinPlay programing software. After reviewing the playfile on your computer screen and you are satisified with it, save it and transmit it to the display. View the playfile on the display to make sure it looks wonderful. Now let your SCLED Advertising Display get your advertising messages out there.

LED Display Advertising Strategy

  • Create several playfiles designed for different promotions or communication.
  • Add frames to existing playfiles for holiday messages or other time sensitive messages.
  • Try advertising specials on the display exclusively to track the effectiveness.
  • Ask customers what advertising brought them in. Was it in fact the LED message?
  • Adjust your messages according to what is working.antages of Suncoast LED Displays eative Departnt

Here at SCLED we have a full time in-house graphics department. Custom graphics can be created to order within several days. Standard and holiday graphics can be ordered from our extensive library. We also have training available for those of you who want to create your own graphics. We are happy to answer graphic questions because when your Suncoast Display stands out we both look good!

Suncoast LED Graphic Library

These eye-catching images include still and moving graphic files that capture attention all year round They are created by graphic artists specifically knowledgable about the requirements for LED Displays in paticular. Our library includes graphic themes for holidays, sports, schools, churches and sales promotions.

To view the graphics available from our library for your display's matrix, contact us to receive a pricing and picture list. Be sure to let us know the matrix (pixel size) of your display. The average cost for standard graphics is less than $10.00 each.

Custom Graphics

Let us know the message and design elements you want and be sure to give your LED display matrix and color configuration to receive a free quote. Our talented artists are experts at creating customized LED graphics that stand out.

The average cost for ordering custom graphics is: $25.00 each. for still frames and $50.00 each for video frames; discounted costs apply with purchase of 5 or more.

Display Management

Suncoast LED displays can be programmed from remote locations to any part of the world. We’ll create dazzling visuals and download them to your display. SCLED can manage your display system with weekly or monthly updates. Contact us for a free quote

Continuing Services

SCLED Displays' creative department is constantly creating new content. Our library is regularly added to with new standard and holiday frames in different sizes, so check in with us often. When you join us via social media you can also stay current with the latest graphics opportunities offered. Simply connect with us via the social networking buttons found on each page.


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