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Indoor With Outdoor Brightness TriColor Indoor Unit Scrolling Single Color LED Units Scrolling TriColor Unit Single Color Indoor LED Display 5mm Indoor LED Display

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 Indoor Displays | Single Color & Full Color Units

 Full Color Indoor Units | Outdoor Brightness Installation Inside Window at Bank

For clients that desire to reach audiences in arenas, transportation complexes, entertainment venues or simply customers viewing a window display, Suncoast LED (SCLED) Displays provides a series of indoor LED display products. These displays deliver images with homogeneous brightness and sharp contrast levels, as well as superb color uniformity; in other words, displays designed specifically to be used indoors utilizing outdoor brightness.


  • Less expensive that outdoor units - cabinets do not need to be waterproof
  • Units are outfitted with the capability of hanging mounts
  • LED Brightness used allows for standout visibility from outside - up to 8,000 nits
  • Processor is accessable from inside for direct programming


  • Public visual information communication, traffic and surveillance, utility and process control
  • Digital cinema, entertainment, events and on-stage digital signage
  • Presentation , training, simulation and virtual reality
  • Can replace all indoor static signage with a comprehensive networked system

 Tri Color Indoor Information Displays

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The advantages of communicating with a large number of people indoors utilizing an easily changeable LED message center can be invaluable. Provide your customers with current specials, menu items, sale items or general informaion. Communicate schedules with workers to enhance productivity. Advise waiting customers when their wait is complete or advertise product specifics.

Indoor TriColor



Suncoast LED Indoor Displays are built to your custom specifications, controlled efficiently and easily through a variety of connection options and easily programmed with user-friendly software. These tricolor units have the added advantages of using three colors for empahsis and readability.

 Scrolling Single Color Indoor UnitsDC LED Ticker Installation

SCLED provides custom built tickers that can be used to display a variety of information: internet data such a stock market information, sports scores and news, or general news and information. Tickers can be in a small 32 x 128 format or as large as the perimeters of your whole room. Consistantly scrolling messages communicating to workers or customers often times achieves a level of communication unsurpassed by any other method.

 Scrolling TriColor Indoor Units

A TriColor LED Ticker display is a great way to communicate important information while attracting attention and guaranteeing the information will be seen. The benefit of utilizing three colors adds additional communication features beyond the single color options.

 Single Color Indoor Units

Single color Indoor LED Displays are an excellent choice in many situations when the information to be communicated needs to be economical yet dynamic. The instantly changeable aspect of an LED Display allows for quick commuinication to many viewers. Remotely program this display for instant communication.

 Indoor Video Screen Displays

6mm/ 5mm/ 4mm Indoor Video Screens are available custom designed to fit your requirements. These are amazing for those applications where the viewer will be within 10 - 50 feet of an LED Display utilized indoors. The pixel pitch is tight allowing for more complicated graphic content and video capability. Adding audio may be incorporated for further communication abilities.

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